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The Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs will meet once again!

Both teams have advanced to this year’s AFC Championship game to take place on Sunday at 6:30 PM ET. This time around, both sides will be looking to reverse their fortunes, as the Chiefs have gone 0-3 against Joe Burrow and the Bengals with Patrick Mahomes at QB. The atmosphere is electric and all eyes will be on this quarterback showdown which promises to come down to the wire based on the betting odds.

With just one game away from another Super Bowl appearance – who will reign victorious?

Bengals vs Chiefs Odds

FanDuel Ohio SportsbookSpreadTotalMoneyline
CIN Bengals-1.5 (-114)Over 47.5 (-106)-126
KC Chiefs+1.5 (-106)Under 47.5 (-114)+108
DraftKings Ohio SportsbookSpreadTotalMoneyline
CIN Bengals-2 (-110)Over 47 (-115)-125
KC Chiefs+2 (-110)Under 47 (-105)+105

Note: The odds presented above may change depending on the latest NFL news.

The Bengals’ Offense Can Dominate

Burrow and the Bengals employed a methodical approach to completely outplay the Bills on the road in the divisional playoffs. Burrow utilized multiple receivers, spread the field well, and made use of favorable matchups while his offensive line performed admirably. Such kind of display enabled an impressive outing for Jos Mixon and their running game.

However, their tension is elevated with this week’s opponents, the Chiefs, bearing a potent pass rush. But they most likely will be limited considering Burrow’s speed at getting the ball out and his choices for advantageous matchups against young cornerbacks.

It is projected that not only will Mixon and Perine have success catching passes but Chase and Higgins can also mow down the defender’s attempts at putting up strong resistance from a receiving standpoint. It seems that the Bengals are on top of their game now and there appears to be no end in sight when it comes to their winning streak.

Slowing Down the Bengals

With the Bengals looking to exploit weaknesses in the Chiefs’ defense, it will be up to them to slow down Mixon, Chase, and Higgins. Fortunately, they have plenty of weapons at their disposal to prepare for this task. Chief’s QB Patrick Mahomes has been brilliant in his usage of Kelce’s complementary talents.

He takes chances on Kadarius Toney and Jerick McKinnon, always hoping for a game-changing play with one touch. Additionally, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling provide reliable options for Mahomes when employing four-wide or two-tight sets. The Chiefs will need to make smart use of these assets in order to neutralize Cincinnati’s attack and come away victorious.

Chiefs, Ahead in Coaching

Andy Reid’s long track record of success and impressive ability to appear in championship games offers him a clear advantage over his counterparts in the NFL. He has been stead with his offensive scheming and has two adept coordinators at his disposal, Eric Bieniemy and Steve Spanguolo.

His staff enables him to acquire players who can fit into his scheme for maximum performance. Comparatively, Zac Taylor does have a talented staff with Lou Anarumo and Brian Callahan; however, Reid’s playoff experience is what sets her apart from other coaches.

Bengals Emerge as Favorites

Despite the overwhelming love for the Chiefs and Bills this season, the Bengals should not be forgotten as the reigning AFC champs. Even with the NFL undervaluing their accomplishments with counterintuitive proposals such as neutral sites, they remain motivated by the disrespect and are still eager to prove they deserve recognition.

Moreover, while they can approach this game with a looser mindset as compared to Kansas City, that pressure still rests heavily on Andy Reid’s shoulders – his need to give his team one final Super Bowl victory remains ciphered in each decision.

In short, even though they may be overlooked by many this season, the Bengals have something to prove this year.