Betr Sportsbook Pushes The Limits Of Probability With New Ohio Promotion

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Betr Sportsbook has partnered with other Ohio sportsbooks to provide an incredible new promotion leading up to Super Bowl LVII – the chance to win $1 million for the first Ohio user who hits 30 qualifying micro-bets in a row. As if that isn’t exciting enough, anyone who falls short of the 30-bet winning streak will still have a shot at clinching the second-place prize of $50,000.

Since the odds are astronomical, this is a great opportunity and reason to try your luck with Ohio sports betting in Ohio. The “soft launch” on Jan. 1 introduced the state to sports betting and Betr has been offering bonus bet credits as part of their campaign for new customers, making it easier and more beneficial for people to get involved in the fun leading up to the big game.

Live Micro-betting Platform

Betr has revolutionized the betting world with its live micro-betting platform! No other app allows users to place bets on outcomes in any game as they occur – no more waiting for pregame point spreads or props. Betr is all about making real-time wagers, so you can feel like you’re right there alongside the players. When you bet on the outcome of an NFL team’s upcoming drive, Sportsbook opens up a variety of choices beyond just two outcomes. These include Punts, Turnovers, touchdowns, and Field goals.

For those looking to wager on an NBA game while the action is live, possession-based wagers are their best bet. This type of wager allows you to select from a range of outcomes based on the current or next possession for either team. Payouts for these bets can vary significantly, ranging anywhere from 1.5 times the initial bet up to ten times the bet. For teams up at bat, there are two main options: score or no score, and across both teams, there is a range of other possibilities such as a 2-pointer, 3-pointer, free throws, turnover, or missed field goal. Before placing any bets it’s important to understand each outcome and what factors might influence your winnings.

$50,000 Prize For Longest Winning Streak

The odds of winning any Mega Millions drawing may be astronomical, but Betr is offering an opportunity to win a major jackpot right here in Ohio. The app encourages real money betting and will award $50,000 to the user with the longest streak. For those looking for a lower-risk option, it also offers free-to-play micro-betting and will pay out $10,000 to the user with the longest winning streak there. All of this is conveniently tracked by daily leaderboards displayed on Betr’s social media platforms up to the Super Bowl LVII game day. So no need to pick up a ticket for the big draw–the biggest money could be just around the corner!