Elys Scores Big With Over 100 Kiosk Locations in Ohio

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Elys Game Technology just announced that they have secured over 100 kiosk locations throughout the state of Ohio. This would allow them to provide land-based sportsbook services to these establishments in the Buckeye state.

To complete the deal with several businesses, Elys must first obtain full approval from the Ohio Casino Casino Control Commission for the related sports betting license. The application was submitted last June 29, and still, one of the supplier applications has not yet been approved.

This is a huge win for Elys, as they continue to expand their operations into new markets.

Establishing Ohio Sports Betting Presence

While retail sports betting facilities and online platforms from well-known operators like FanDuel and DraftKings are highly anticipated in the Buckeye state, most of the applicants for sports betting licenses include those who want to secure a Type-C license which is for qualified Ohio establishments to host a sports betting kiosk for limited sports betting.

These establishments are the target of gaming technology suppliers like Elys, with its partner, Wright Bet. The partnerships already surpassed a hundred locations across the Ohio sports betting market. With its strong track record of providing reliable and high-quality gaming products, Elys is well-positioned to gain a foothold in the Buckeye state.

By securing over 100 kiosk locations in Ohio, Elys is setting itself up to be a major player in the upcoming sports betting market in the state.

Statement from Executive Chairman

“We are extremely pleased with the momentum that we are experiencing among retail establishments looking to provide their customers with our proven, best-in-class, end-to-end sportsbook solution,” according to Elys’ Executive Chairman Michele Ciavarella.

Ciavarella also discussed how they presented the “Build-your-bet” technology of Elys yesterday during the Ohio Bar Owners Association trade show. One of the advantages of their sports betting services was the mobile access for bettors who want to compare the limited markets offered by the kiosks on-site and prepare their bets ahead before visiting the establishments.

“We believe that the bet velocity advantage of this feature could be a win-win for the hosts and players, as it could generate a new stream of revenue while providing an engaging product and service for their current customers, and potentially helping to build their businesses by drawing new customers interested in the sportsbook solution to their venue. Bars and restaurants are ideal locations for our sportsbook solution,” the Executive Chairman continued.

More Locations to Come

The B2B global gaming technology company is currently licensed in several jurisdictions, including five US states and the District of Columbia. The press release also indicated that Elys is still aggressively looking to expand its partnerships with bars, restaurants, and other businesses across the US.

It also provides B2C retail and online services like virtual sports, sports betting, e-sports, and casino games in Italy.