Ohio Gaming Regulator Accuses Barstool Of Sports Betting Advertising Infractions

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Ohio’s sports betting industry is preparing to go live, and the Ohio Casino Control Commission has already jumped into action. While licensed operators must wait for regulations to be implemented before wagers can be placed, the Commission is not wasting any time assessing how internet advertising campaigns comply with state law.

$250,000 Fine Against Penn Sports Interactive And Barstool Sports

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) started off December on a sour note for Penn Sports Interactive and Barstool Sports, fining them $250,000 for a Barstool event at the University of Toledo last month. According to the OCCC, the companies had violated two provisions of the state’s gaming regulations by advertising Ohio sports betting to college students and underage consumers.

Although the law provides an opportunity for both Penn and Barstool to be heard on the matter, and it appears that such advertising is legally allowed in Ohio if this administrative action stands it could have far-reaching effects across other states. The fine acts as a warning to all operators and marketing affiliates nationwide – be mindful of your actions when advertising gambling activities.

Barstool hosted the Barstool College Football Show

On November 15th, 2022, Barstool took to the stage at the University of Toledo to present their renowned College Football Show, airing in advance of Toledo’s game versus Bowling Green State University. This was an exciting opportunity for fans both in person and online since the show was broadcast on YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms across the world.

At the end of this installment, host Kayce Smith revealed a limited-time promotion code for Barstool Ohio Sportsbook access. This promo offer not only included sports betting privileges but also exclusive funds for playing Penn Casino games. With such incentives in place and a global platform for Barstool Sportsbook supporters, it promises to be an exciting launch that everyone can enjoy from wherever they tune in!

Notice Of Advertising Infractions

On December 9, the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) delivered a “Notice of Violation” to Penn and Barstool, citing two violations. The Commission asserted that they had advertised or promoted on a college or university campus which violated Ohio administrative code 3775-16-08(E).

This rule is extended to affiliates such as Barstool via Ohio Adm. Code 3775-16-08(I). In this case, it seems that the show hosted by Barstool met certain components of the statute which involve online sports betting at a university campus. The Commission announced the Notice at their public hearing on December 14 with further details on the alleged violations.

Additionally, the OCCC insists that these companies unlawfully sought out individuals under twenty-one years of age, violating Ohio Adm. Code 3775-16-08(B)(2). By this rule, no betting advertisements should be geared toward people younger than twenty-one.