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From simple bets to more complex strategies, golf betting offers endless fun for those who crave a better golfing experience – increasing your chances of earning more winnings! Experience the thrills of winning or use it as an opportunity to improve your understanding of the game – explore the world of golf betting today.

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Popular Gold Tournaments Across the World

Golf tournaments have been around since the mid-1700s, with some of the most popular being hosted by the PGA Tour. Players from all over the world compete in various professional and amateur tournaments, vying for cash prizes and titles.

The Ryder Cup is a biennial golf competition between teams representing Europe and the United States, while the U.S. Open and British Open are two of the four major championships in professional golf.

In Ohio, there is a wide variety of tournaments available for golf bettors to choose from, including the Memorial Tournament in Dublin and the PGA Tour’s Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club in Akron.

How to Bet on Golf?

Just like most sports, golf betting involves predicting the outcome of a certain event. Golf bettors can place bets on who will win a particular tournament, which player will hit the most birdies, or how far they will end up in the final rankings – the options are endless!

The following list provides an overview of how to bet on golf:

  1. Pick a regulated sportsbook – A regulated sportsbook is a safe and legal way of betting on golf. Make sure to check if your chosen bookmaker is licensed by the relevant gaming authority.
  2. Choose your tournament – there are a variety of tournaments available for bettors to choose from, such as the PGA Tour or European tour.
  3. Decide on your bet – decide which type of bet you would like to place, from the head-to-head betting or tournament winner markets.
  4. Place your wager – once you’ve decided on what bet you want to make, choose the amount and submit it to the bookmaker for processing.

Golf Betting Options

Golf betting is more than just predicting which player will win the tournament. There are several different types of bets that you can place on golf tournaments – from simple to complex in nature.

Outright Winner of the Tournament

The most popular type of golf betting is predicting the outright winner of a tournament. This type of wager involves placing your bet on one or more players who you think will finish first in the tournament.

As of today, the PGA Tour Odds according to BetMGM Sportsbook include:

  • Jon Rahm +1000
  • Rory Mcllroy +1000
  • Justin Thomas +1600
  • Scottie Scheffler +1600
  • Patrick Cantlay +2000
  • Matt Fitzpatrick +2200
  • Will Zalarotis +2200
  • Collin Morikawa +2500
  • Max Homa +2500

Top-5 Finish or Top-10 Finish

Another type of golf wager involves predicting which players will finish in the top 5 or top 10 of a tournament. This is a great way to increase your chances of winning since there are more opportunities to pick a winner.

For instance, if you think certain players have the potential to finish in the top 5 or top 10 of the Memorial Tournament, you can bet on them to do so.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Golf betting doesn’t have to be limited to predicting an overall tournament result. You can also bet on individual head-to-head matchups between players.

For example, if you think Jon Rahm will beat Rory Mcllroy in the Memorial Tournament, you can place a wager on it. This type of bet is predicated on who performs better out of the two players and has become increasingly popular with golf bettors.

Golf Props & Special Bets

In addition to the more common golf betting options, there are also prop bets and special bets available. Props are wagers that focus on various events or outcomes of a tournament, such as predicting who will have the best score in a certain round or which player will hit the longest drive.

Special bets involve more unique wagers, such as betting on the color of the winning player’s shirt or which country will produce the tournament winner.

Live Betting on Golf

Live betting (also known as in-play betting) on golf is an increasingly popular form of wagering that allows bettors to wager on a tournament while it’s taking place. This means you can adjust your bets as the tournament progresses and take advantage of changing odds or shifts in momentum.

Live golf betting is available on a variety of tournaments, including the PGA Tour, European Tour, and other major events. You can typically place your bets through Ohio online sportsbooks or at brick-and-mortar betting shops.

Some of the retail sportsbooks offer a lounge-like atmosphere for in-play golf betting, where bettors can watch the tournament on TVs and place bets with live odds.

Tips for Golf Betting

Golf betting is a great way to add more excitement and anticipation to your favorite sport. To increase your chances of making successful bets, here are some tips to consider before placing a wager:

Consider Player Form

Before placing a wager, take some time to look at the form of each player you’re betting on. It’s important to assess their recent performances and tournament results to get an idea of how they might do in the upcoming event.

Research Course Conditions

Golf courses are ever-changing and have different conditions each week. Before placing a wager, research the course conditions of the upcoming tournament to get an idea of how players will perform on it.

Research Player’s History at Courses

Look up each player’s history at the course they are playing in to see if there is any indication that they may have an edge over other players in the tournament.

Be Updated on the Latest News

Stay updated on the latest news related to golf tournaments and players to get an idea of who might be in good form or how different weather conditions may affect a tournament.

Monitor Live Odds

Live odds can change drastically during a tournament, so it’s important to monitor them and take advantage of any changes that could increase your chances of winning.

Always Bet Responsibly

It’s important to practice responsible betting when it comes to golf and any other type of sports wagering. Only bet with an amount that you’re comfortable losing and never chase your losses. Also, make sure to gamble safely and within your means.