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hio’s legal sports betting market is still relatively young, but that hasn’t stopped Elys Game Technology from applying for their Type C sports gaming proprietor license so they can provide innovative technology in Buckeye State.

This license will allow them to offer technologically advanced sports betting experiences that are secure and legal, allowing Ohioans to make bets with peace of mind. With full access to legal sports betting, Ohio gamblers can enjoy the thrill of a profitable outcome while knowing that their money is invested safely.

Elys’ dedication to its customers and legal standards has made its acquisition of the necessary paperwork a fast and smooth process, guaranteeing a quality experience for all involved parties.

Exclusive Sportsbook Partnership With Wright Bet Ventures

January 1 marks the start of a five-year sports betting license held by Elys in the State of Ohio. This exciting development was first announced almost a year ago when Elys signed an exclusive sportsbook agreement with Wright Bet Ventures. Just before the end of last year, Elys obtained conditional sports betting proprietor authorization, paving the way for sports betting in Ohio. With this license now officially in effect, it’s sure to be an interesting five years for sports betting enthusiasts in Ohio and beyond!

Programming Technology Platform To Comply With Betting Compliance

Elys is introducing sports betting in Ohio with its latest technology platform and license. They plan to launch more than 100 of the potential 3,000 host locations in the first half of 2023, so sports fans can be part of all their favorite major sports seasons – NBA, NFL, and MLB – starting in August.

“With over 30 plus years of experience in the small business leisure betting sector, the company intends to invest in the right infrastructure to protect the integrity of the market and before launching, ensure problem-free operations for our hosts for years to come,” Elys said.

“We, and our partners, are committed to providing the best possible solution for sports bettors and long-term prosperity for our host operators in Ohio.”

This strategic move by Elys is a major milestone for sports bettors who are looking for convenient access and more options to get involved with the sports they love. The commitment to providing customers with a reliable gaming experience has propelled them into being one of the top contenders for sports betting in Ohio.