Gov. Mike Dewine Issues Warning To Gambling Companies As Ohio Sports Betting Launches

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Gov. Mike DeWine has shown a strong commitment to enforcing state regulations for advertising by gambling companies since the launch of legal sports betting in Ohio. He made his first remarks on the subject this week, acknowledging that he has personally reached out to the executive director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission and members of its board to discuss his concerns about these regulations. With legal sports betting newly accessible across Ohio, the Governor wants to ensure that proper protocols are followed.

“The companies that are doing the massive advertising need to be aware that they’re being looked at very closely by the governor and the Casino Control Commission regarding statements that they are making,” DeWine stated. “We believe that at least on several occasions they’ve already crossed the line. My message to them is that this will not be tolerated in the State of Ohio.”

 $350,000 Fine On DraftKings

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has made its stance on gambling clear. Illegal advertising of any kind, especially to minors, will not be tolerated in the state. To prove this point, the commission is proposing a $350,000 fine for DraftKings Ohio after evidence revealed that the company had sent roughly 2,500 advertisements to underage customers.

It isn’t the only offender either, as just weeks before Barstool Ohio Sportsbook received a notice of violation over an event held at the University of Toledo’s campus that promoted gambling on college grounds. By cracking down on offenders such as these companies, Ohio is sending a clear message that illegal activity related to gambling won’t be taken lightly.

Gov. Mike Dewine On Aggressive Promotions That Gambling Companies Are Using

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently highlighted the aggressive promotional strategies gambling companies are using to compete for market share in the Buckeye State. In particular, multiple companies are offering new customers free betting credits to entice them to place wagers using their services.

“That’s a pretty clear line they cannot cross,” DeWine said. ”I also think they must be very careful, candidly, in regard to the claim of ‘free money and free gaming.’ When you look at the fine print or try to figure out what it really means, it doesn’t mean what certainly is being implied by the TV advertising.”

In December 2021, Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed a bill that legalized sports gambling in the state. That being said, it wasn’t until Sunday—January 1, 2023—that this exciting initiative was implemented. The past year has seen Ohioans devoting their efforts and energy to the establishment of the program, during which plenty of regulatory policies were formed as well as gaming operators for different kinds of gambling were awarded licenses. Those involved are sure that sports betting will become even more accessible and enjoyable throughout the state in time.