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Moneyline betting is one of the most popular types of bets in sports in Ohio. But what is moneyline betting? How does it work? And how do the sportsbooks set their lines? In this blog post, we will answer all those questions and more! We will also look at some examples to help illustrate how moneylines work. So let’s get started.

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How Does Moneyline Betting Work?

Moneyline betting is a type of wager in which the bettor picks a team (or player) to win outright, without taking into account the point spread. This is the most basic form of gambling and it’s a great way to get started if you’re a beginner. A plus sign (+) indicates the underdog; the minus sign (-) indicates the favorite.

A negative number indicates how much needs to be wagered to win $100, while a positive number indicates how much can be won by betting $100. For example, the Cleveland Guardians will host the Seattle Bluebirds in an upcoming game. The sportsbook has set the moneyline like this:

  • CLE Guardians -200
  • SEA Blue Birds +170

-200 (Cleveland) and +170 (Seattle). This means that if you bet $200 on the Cleveland Guardians, you will win $100 if they win the game. If you bet $100 on the Seattle Bluebirds, you can take home $170.

Moneylines may be good if the game is expected to be tight, but it can be very risky if you want to bet on heavy favorites. This does not include a spread so the sportsbook will put all the risk by

As with all sports bets, it’s important to do your research before placing

Factors that Sportsbooks Consider When Setting a Money Line

Sportsbooks consider a variety of factors when setting the money line for a matchup. These include team form, injuries, home court/field advantage, weather conditions, and more.

Team Form

The recent form of the teams in a matchup is an important factor that affects the moneyline. If one team has been on a hot streak, they may be favored over an opponent who is struggling.


Injuries can have a major impact on the outcome of any game and sportsbooks factor this into their calculation when setting moneylines. If a key player on either team is out due to injury, this can drastically alter the odds in favor of one side.

Home Court/Field Advantage

Home court/field advantage can be very important in sports betting. Sportsbooks take into account the fact that teams play better at home and adjust their odds accordingly. So if one team is at home, they may be favored over the same team if they were on the road.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can also play a role in the outcome of a sporting event and this is something that sportsbooks consider when setting their moneylines. If one team is playing in harsh weather conditions (such as strong winds or heavy precipitation), this can give them an advantage and thus, the sportsbooks may favor that team when setting the moneyline.

Moneyline Betting Tips

Be Updated

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates related to the teams in a matchup. Injuries, suspensions, and player form can all have an impact on the moneyline.

Do your Research

Do your research into the teams in a matchup and consider all the factors that may affect their performance, before deciding which side to wager on.

Avoid Betting on Heavy Favorites

It may be tempting to bet on heavy favorites when moneyline betting, but it can be risky. Heavy favorites often have a low return, so if you don’t feel confident in the team you’re backing, it’s best to avoid them.

Know Your Limits

Moneyline betting carries more risk than other forms of wagering such as point spreads and totals. Responsible gaming is always recommended.