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Ohio is setting the pace for increased sports betting activities across America and signs are pointing to a highly successful year ahead. Since its launch in 2023, Ohio has seen over 11 million Ohio sportsbook transactions take place from January 1 to 2 – showing that Ohio has become an integral player when it comes to accessible and regulated sports betting for the 44% of US citizens that can access the services.

This influx of activity ties into this weekend’s kickoff of the NFL playoffs and coming Super Bowl which is projected to break legal betting records. With the football season quickly drawing to a close, people everywhere are ramping up their excitement for legalized sports betting, as all indications seem positive for an amazing year ahead.

The New York State Gaming Commission recently released the mobile revenue numbers for December, and they were remarkable. In total, $1.6B in wagers were placed in one month alone. By the end of 2022, an astounding $16.2B had been wagered throughout all of New York! This record-breaking figure proves that sports betting is here to stay in New York state and will continue to grow as more people get involved with legal gaming opportunities like never before.

Sports Betting Momentum Has Been Steadily Building Just Ahead Of The Playoffs

As excitement builds leading up to the start of the NFL playoffs this weekend, sports betting enthusiasts across the United States should take notice. The nation’s most popular sport is sparking a huge increase in legal betting – and not just on the Super Bowl.

According to Morgan Stanley, the five biggest sports betting states in the country (NJ, PA, IL, MI, NY) have seen an impressive 8% rise in volume in recent weeks and 107% year-over-year. Of particular interest is New Jersey’s growth rate, which has accelerated slightly to 13% year-over-year despite having had online sports betting for five years now. This surge in momentum shows just how much people are looking forward to the NFL playoffs and could result in a record amount of bets placed in the U.S., not only leading up to but also during Super Bowl Sunday.

Useful Insights Into Possible Future Industry Growth

Sports betting is a rapidly growing industry in North America, with more and more states taking the plunge and legalizing it. Analyst reports and research studies show that the online sports betting handle is expected to hit unprecedented levels by 2023 across all participating states. As a result, tracking iOS app downloads can provide helpful insights into likely industry growth for that particular period.

This was recently proven during the complete NFL season when FanDuel led the pack in iOS app downloads, followed by DraftKings, BetMGM, Barstool Sportsbook, Caesars, and Hard Rock Sportsbook in that order. These are very telling signs of what the future holds for the sports betting industry in America.