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The Ohio Casino Control Commission just had its Wednesday meeting, and one of the main topics of discussion was OH sports betting. Executive Director Matt Schuler expressed frustration with some of the applicants who have been applying for a license. These applicants are calling for the same concerns over and over, which makes it more difficult for the staff members to advance the licensing process.

Ohio regulators are currently in a hurry, that’s why extending the submission period will not be possible. the January 1, 2023 launch is fast approaching the staff members don’t even have the weekends to enjoy.

Director Schuler Addressing the Issue

Schuler said his staff has been getting a lot of questions from applicants about the documentary requirements provided to be licensed. The director emphasized that the licensing process is not as easy as they perceive and the licensing team still got limitations.

“They seem to believe that their application and their circumstances are more important than every other applicant that we have, and that our licensing team can snap a finger and suddenly all reports will come into existence at the very same time,” the Director said.

He also said that the endless calls from applicants are taking away the staff members’ time which should have been allotted for their other responsibilities in the agency. The staff members have been working on these inquiries for about 16 hours a day as per the Director and they have never failed to give notice about the paperwork and the deadline which is last October 5.

It is Not Just About Paperworks

In addition to the calls about the paperwork, Schuler also slammed those who are constantly calling about getting on the agenda and told the commissioners that he had enough.

He emphasized that these applicants are causing their own problems, and he advised the licensing division put the lowest priority on answering questions like that as the period in answering that kind of inquiry is now over.

“So, there’s an American proverb that says the squeaky wheel gets the oil. At the commission, we replace squeaky wheels. I’d like, instead of looking at that proverb, for our applicants to think about Newton’s third law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Less Than 3 Months ‘Till Launch

As the Ohio sports betting launch approaches, regulators are intensely working on the licensing process. It is previously reported that the team, which is not having weekends anymore, are looking for busier months ahead.

OH Sportsbooks are also allowed by the Commission to roll out their pre-registration promotions. These promotions should comply with the guideline provided by the Commission and ensure that the right wording will be used.