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Ohio’s sports betting market officially opened with a bang on the first of January 2023, and it looks to be an incredible success based on new data from GeoComply! It didn’t take long for mobile bets to start rolling in either- Ohioans were eager to get their wagers online as soon as possible. Not only that, but retail bettors also had plenty of options across the state. With its New Year’s Day launch already setting records, this blossoming industry is certainly one worth watching out for!

As Ohio finalized the legal sports betting process, they planned to install kiosks throughout their state at various establishments, including bars & restaurants, and even grocery stores. As we have now passed a month since its legalization in Ohio, let’s review GeoComply’s figures along with how residents of the state can wager on this year’s most important sporting event.

Over 2.25 Million Betting Accounts

Ohio has rapidly become one of the more popular states for sports betting since its legalization late last year. With the help of GeoComply, a company that specializes in geolocation and preventing fraud, it has been confirmed that over 2.25 million accounts have engaged with legal sportsbooks within the state.

This number only increases each day, with 160 million location checks coming from bettors to confirm their online activity alone. On the first full day of wagering, those checks totaled 11.3 million! Data on the total handle is still being collected by both the Ohio Lottery Commission and Ohio Casino Control Commission, so we will soon see an even clearer picture of Ohio’s rapid success in this area.

Super Bowl Kicking Off In Ohio

With the Super Bowl just days away, Ohioans finally get to share in the nationwide fun of legal sports betting and wagering on the big game. The state’s bettors would have had even more reason to celebrate it the Cincinnati Bengals could have made it to the championship game. If they had, it would not only be a potential shot at glory for the city but a massive boost in handle for local Ohioan sportsbooks.

Bengal fans were already ecstatic with the chance to bet on their beloved team while they navigated an 11-5 regular season campaign and far exceeded preseason expectations. Although they did come up short in their bid to reach Super Bowl LIV, there’s still plenty of excitement ahead as their loss opens up new opportunities for Ohio sports gambling aficionados.

With Ohio sports betting operators like DraftKings Sportsbook, Caesars Ohio Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, and FanDuel Sportsbook available to residents of the area, bettors should have no problem contributing to what is predicted to be a record-breaking handle for this year’s Super Bowl.