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With Ohio set to launch legal sports gambling on January 1, there are many physical and online betting sites eager to be some of the first in the state. The state has been preparing for the change, with licensed proprietors around the state installing new counters and signage to prepare for the influx of customers who will be looking to place bets.

While numerous platforms want to capitalize on being some of the first online sports gambling sites as soon as possible, others have taken a more strategic approach, planning for a later start date.

Ohio Sportsbooks, Just Waiting

Amy Ankerson, senior vice president and general manager at Scioto Downs, has recently provided an update on the status of the casino’s upcoming retail sportsbook.

According to Ankerson, the sportsbook is almost ready to open its doors, with only a few minor details left to take care of before completion. This week, the Ohio Casino Control Commission will conduct its final assessment of the location in order for it to meet all necessary requirements prior to opening.

“I am really proud of just the collaboration of everybody, from the OCCC to the builders that we had come in here, to our team members. Ankerson said.

“They have just put so much blood, sweat, and tears into the buildout of this,”

Aside from the tellers and sports betting kiosks,  Scioto Downs partnered with Caesars sportsbook for online operations.

DraftKings, an online sports betting company, is also just awaiting January 1, when it will finally be allowed to launch its sportsbook in Ohio. Matt Kalish, the co-founder and North American President of the organization mentioned that while they had already launched in 21 states prior to this point, getting prepared for Ohio didn’t prove quite as laborious.

In fact, most of their efforts are currently focused on advertising and spreading awareness for the sportsbook within the state. By securing licensing and preparing to advertise its services in Ohio, DraftKings appears confident about being able to create even more success for itself leading into 2023.

Other Platforms Need More Time

As the official launch of Ohio’s bookmarkers swiftly approaches, Jessica Franks, the communications director for the Casino Control Commission, has indicated that some proprietors and vendors may not commence their businesses until after the universal start date.

“I know that there are some folks out there that have publicly said that they are not going to be ready to start on Jan. 1.”

That includes Kroger, a Cincinnati-based grocery chain. While Kroger received approval earlier this year for their in-store sports gambling kiosks, a spokesperson recently announced that the company is still taking the necessary precautions and conducting due diligence before launching a full program.

Despite having permission to open, they have decided to wait until later in 2023 before fully implementing the kiosks. This decision provides extra time to make sure all safety protocols are met and allows customers more time to become familiar with the kiosks’ user interface.