Ohio’s First Week of Sports Betting Sees Three Companies Fined

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The Ohio Casino Control Commission took quick action to make sure that the rules and regulations intended to govern legal sports betting in the state were being followed. Five gaming companies were fined, three of which allegedly violated advertising and promotions practices outlined by the Commission.

In an official announcement, the commission alerted MGM, Caesars and DraftKings Ohio that it would take administrative action against all three due to their supposed breach of gaming regulations concerning advertising and promotions.

It was certainly a larger than expected series of events for the first few days of legal sports betting in Ohio, with these companies hoping for a better outcome as they looked to capitalize on such a wide-open market opportunity. Without proper enforcement from the Commission, it is likely these violations would have gone unchecked and set a poor precedent for future business operations moving forwards.

The Commission Plans To Fine Each $150,000

In a public announcement, the commission declared it will be levying each with a fine of $150,000 and taking other measures to guarantee personnel are trained in all laws, regulations, and policies connected to sports gaming advertising and promotions.

“The sports gaming industry has received multiple reminders of the rules and standards for advertising and promotions, yet continues to disregard Ohio law. These repeated violations leave the commission no choice but to pursue administrative action to bring operators into compliance,” Matthew Schuler, Executive Director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission, declared. “The Commission takes responsible gambling seriously – and expects the industry to value the same.”

The Alleged Violation

The Ohio Casino Control Commission recently released a statement revealing the findings of their investigation into three companies’ sports betting ad campaigns. According to the agency, the ads failed to adequately identify responsible gambling practices and provide resources for those who need help with problem gambling.

The commission also noted that despite being described as “free” or “risk-free,” patrons were required to make a loss or spend their own money in order to receive these promotions. These actions, they said, violate Ohio law and Commission rules on bonuses and promotions that forbid such language. The Commission concluded their statement by encouraging companies who want to be compliant with state regulations to remain informed and informed on the requirements put forward by the Internal Gaming Commission.

Ohio Wagering Numbers From The New Year’s Weekend

The New Year’s weekend in Ohio was a big success for legal sports betting. GeoComply recently released data that showed a whopping 11.3 million transactions had occurred throughout the state, solidifying Ohio’s position as the leader in the nation when it comes to legal wagering.

This total was higher than what was seen in nearby states such as New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan. The busiest cities for sports betting activity in Ohio were Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. With more citizens taking an interest in legal sports betting, this number should only increase going forward.