Reasons Why Ohioans Aren’t Planning to Bet on Sports

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Ohioans will soon be able to participate in sports wagering, as the state is set to launch its sports betting industry in January 2023. Numerous applications have been submitted, and some have already been approved.

However, a recent survey shows that 84% of adult Ohioans do not plan on participating in sports gambling. So why are Ohioans reluctant to bet on sports? Let’s take a closer look at the findings of the survey and see what might be causing this hesitation.

Why Ohioans Will Not Bet on Sports?

There are many reasons why people may not want to participate in Ohio sports betting, including concerns about legality and addiction. Legality issues have been resolved after Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 29, which includes legalizing and regulating sports betting. The bill took effect on March 23 while the application process started in June.

Despite legalization, most Ohioans answered that they will not be participating in both retail and online sports betting mainly due to preference and the related gambling problems that it can bring. For instance, voter Paul Vanwagenen said, “I have enough vices already, I’ll pass on gambling, thank you.”

Moreover, Pat Ross has a different reason, “I don’t participate, and I don’t agree with it.”

“I think we’re enticing people to have another addiction and there’s enough addictions out there we have to deal with,” Ross Added.

Voter Larry Hanna pointed out that it just takes away the fun of watching sporting events and just rooting for your favorite team to win.

“It’s whether they covered the spread and I just think it’s fueled so much in terms of a negative impact on what purity there was in sports”

While there are some people who oppose the legalization of sports betting on moral grounds, there are others who don’t gamble themselves but don’t see anything wrong with it. Just like Corey Lancaster who’s fine with the existence of sports betting options as long as it benefits the state.

“I’m not much of a betting man, but I am happy the option is there for the people who do want to engage in it,” Lancaster added.

What Sports Betting Could Bring?

While it is true that sports betting can be addictive and destructive for some people, it is important to remember that it is also possible to bet responsibly. For those who are able to control their impulses, sports betting can add an extra level of excitement to watching a game.

In addition, the revenue generated by sports betting can be used to fund important programs and services within the state.  In fact, many people believe that the legalization of Ohio sports betting would actually be a good thing. It would create jobs and generate tax revenue for cash-strapped states. It would also provide a boost to the economy by bringing in more tourism dollars.

So while not everyone is on board with gambling with Ohio sportsbooks, there are plenty of people who see the benefits of legalizing sports betting. Ultimately, whether or not to support sports betting should be a personal decision.