Restaurants And Bars See Profits From Sports Betting In Ohio

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As Ohio entered its first week of legalized sports betting, the Buckeye State experienced a surge in enthusiasm. Several sportsbooks are available already like DraftKings, PointsBet, BetMGM, and Caesars. This weekend saw excited fans flocking to bars and restaurants all over the state eager to take part in the new pastime. Ohioans are embracing this opportunity, with most places reporting significant numbers of people placing bets.

Though it has only been a week since betting was allowed, this type of enthusiasm seems poised to be the norm going forward. In time, sports betting could become an integral part of Ohio culture and cement itself as a beloved pastime for citizens for generations.

“Went pretty well, said Gabriel, a first-time better. “It was easy. Just go on the screen. Bet $20, so hopefully, I’ll make some money. Clicked the over on the browns, hopefully, they win.”

More Than 300 Bars And Restaurants Received Type C Sports Gaming Host License

The new wave of gaming is coming to Northeast Ohio in the form of Sports Gaming Host Licenses recently granted by the Ohio Lottery to over 300 bars and restaurants. It appears customers are just as excited as business owners about this development: Johnny DiMassa, the owner of The Flying Rib located in Euclid, OH, said he can feel his business losing money each day that passes without his equipment being available. “We receive a percentage of what the sales are and the same will go with the sports betting,” said DiMassa. “They were supposed to be up and running January 1st. Not here, look around.

Similar to other businesses, Corky’s in Lakewood is facing the same situation. “We have not received them yet,” said Jordan Elliot, Corky’s Assistant Manager. “I think there was some communication saying we might get them, then it was like Woah psych. We aren’t getting them yet.”

For Paninis line cook, Matthew Stark, the kiosk at work is an irresistible temptation. “I just did one today, did a couple of college ones,” said Stark. “Who knows, we’ll see, trying to win some money.”

Stark is on top of the world from his most recent string of successes. “I did one on Fan Goal and I won $700, but I’m hoping to win on this machine here and continue the good luck,” Stark added.