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PointsBet Ohio Review

PointsBet Welcome Bonus

PointsBet offers an attractive welcome bonus for new users in the form of 5 Second Chance bets, with each bet worth up to $50. This welcome bonus provides users with a great opportunity to start their betting experience on a positive note, as they can use the bonus bets to potentially win big without risking their own money. The 5 Second Chance bets offer users a chance to place their initial bets with confidence, and if the bet does not win, they have the chance to receive their stake back in bonus bets. This welcome bonus is a great way for new users to try out PointsBet’s betting platform and explore the range of sports and markets available.

5x$50 Second Chance Bets

PointBet 50x5 bonus bets

PointsBet Ongoing Promotions

In addition to an enticing sign-up bonus, PointsBet offers some of the most flexibility in the sports-betting industry through its features and ongoing promotions.

Points Betting:

This is more of a feature than a promotion, but this allows you to risk more than you typically would in a traditional sports bet. First, you pick a game result against a line that’s set by PointsBet. Normally, you either cover and win or fail to cover and lose. But with Points Betting, each point of the outcome acts as a multiplier of the amount you wagered.

For example: if you bet on the New York Giants to cover as 3-point favorites over the Dallas Cowboys and the Giants win by 13 points, you would win 10 times the amount of your original wager. The opposite, however, also holds true. If Dallas were to win by 7, you would lose 10 times the amount you bet.

Via this method, you can certainly win and lose big. But in order to prevent a huge loss, the sportsbook allows you to click a “stop loss” button which surrenders your bet at the score where you decide to quit. 

More Lucrative Spreads:

For traditional matchups, PointsBet will often offer odds of -105 on each team against the spread instead of the standard -110. The sportsbook did this throughout the previous NBA season. 

Karma Kommittee:

This fan-friendly feature could see you earn a refund (by way of bet credits) if you are the victim of a bad beat or another unfortunate circumstance (bad referee call, serious injury early in a game, etc.).


PointsBet originated in Australia and came to the United States in 2019. It has quickly become one of the most popular sportsbooks due to its fan-friendly features and unique Points Betting system. It is expected to be available in Ohio on the first day of legal sports betting. 


Is PointsBet as legitimate as big-name sportsbooks I’m more familiar with, such as DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, or Caesars?

Absolutely. If a sportsbook’s license is approved by a state, they are on the up and up and can be trusted to take and pay your bets. To give you more confidence about Points Bet, the company has a partnership with NBC Sports, which you may notice during football season with spokesperson Drew Brees. 

Can I play on PointsBet in Other States?

PointsBet is currently available in the following states: CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV

I see PointsBet offers online casino gambling and poker in other states. Will that be available in Ohio?

No. The Ohio legislature only legalized online sports betting, and there doesn’t appear to be a bill on the horizon that would make it legal to play casino games or poker for money online in Buckeye State.

Does PointsBet have a loyalty or rewards program?

Yes, and points can add up fast. You can earn dollar-for-dollar points on standard wagers and five reward points per $1 on a parlay bet. For Points Betting, you get one reward point for every dollar you win or lose on one of these wagers. You can also get a $50 bonus for both you and a friend if you refer them to the site using a specific link and they make a deposit.