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With the arrival of legal sports betting in the Buckeye State, Betting Hero is predicting Ohioans are set to make their mark on the industry. Through comprehensive research and analysis, Betting Hero has been able to discern what platforms may end up being most popular for Ohio’s bettors.

As such, data from Betting Hero could be a crucial tool for those looking to make logical decisions about where to place their money. With the power of this insight being just one week away, it won’t be long until Ohioans can start taking advantage of all the online sports betting options available to them.

A Better Understanding Of The Market For Bettors

The opportunities for sports betting in Ohio have been much anticipated, given the state’s large population. With a better understanding of the market, gained from the survey conducted by a Betting Hero that helps bettors register with licensed online operators, Ohioans and sports fans alike may soon get to enjoy all the benefits legalized sports betting has to offer.

The study surveyed 215 respondents from October to November and its results are expected to help shape the landscape when legal Ohio sportsbooks and apps go live on New Year’s Day. Both operators and bettors will benefit from these new useful insights about consumer behavior in this fourth-largest betting market in the US.

Plenty Of Sportsbooks To Choose From

Ohio bettors soon have plenty of options when it comes to gambling on sports. The state’s Casino Control Commission has issued approval for up to 20 online operators and 12 companies that can open up to 19 brick-and-mortar locations. Furthermore, they expect even more applications and retail locations to be approved by 2023.

Those who are looking for an even easier way to bet can visit a lottery retail location and use the new kiosks made available there. According to the Ohio eLicensing Portal, many bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and other outlets have applied for permission to host these kiosks. With all of these options, Ohio bettors will soon have just as much choice as their counterparts in other states.

The Top 3 On The Survey

Betting Hero’s survey shows that the country’s three largest operators will likely occupy the top spots when Ohio rolls out its regulated sports betting market. Of those surveyed, DraftKings had the highest brand recognition with 46%, accompanied by 14% confirming that they have used DraftKings in another state for sports betting.

Similarly, 44% of those surveyed included FanDuel who confirmed also had 13% said they’ve used it elsewhere. Barstool Sportsbook from Penn Entertainment attained 33% brand recognition and 63% of those surveyed stated that they would be most likely to download its app. These results indicate that these major brands are set to dominate Ohio’s online sports betting market.