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Betr, the US-based online sports betting venture founded by professional fighter and influencer Jake Paul and entrepreneur Joey Levy, has recently been granted an official license to operate within the state of Ohio. This milestone gives Betr a competitive edge while taking part in legal sports betting with their peers here in Ohio.

The company’s mission is to offer bettors an unparalleled experience when making their lock and load predictions. Furthermore, with its soft launch occurring on January 1st – the same day other sports booking apps and retail Ohio sportsbooks began operating in Ohio – Betr has successfully made waves in a highly competitive industry.

Amazing Milestone For Betr

Levy and Paul accomplished something remarkable with the arrival of their startup sportsbook, Betr. At a rapid speed, it became the first to be licensed in its state and begin taking real-money bets. The idea of creating an app that specialized in in-game micro-bets was an ambitious plan put forward by both entrepreneurs back in August. With this licensing milestone now achieved, Levy and Paul take one more step closer to fulfilling what they set out to do.

Speaking on behalf of Betr, its CEO Levy shared: This launch marks the beginning of our gradual, methodical approach to state-by-state expansion where we will take the time necessary to discover and validate product-market-fit of our highly differentiated product experience to ensure we scale in a profitable manner,”

Jake Paul Statement

Betr is not stopping at microbetting when it comes to differentiating itself from other US sport betting operators. Led by Cleveland native Paul, the company is promoting responsible gambling practices, such as not accepting credit cards and putting limits on how much those aged 21 to 25 are allowed to deposit. In addition, Betr plans on developing a unique set of media content tailored towards its customer acquisition. This fresh approach along with the decline in microbetting fees is primed to make Betr stand apart within the US sports betting market.

“People are going to love watching and rooting for bets tied directly to their favorite players, whether it’s a Donovan Mitchell 3-pointer, a Ja’Marr Chase 50-yard bomb, or a Jose Ramirez home run,” Paul, Betr’s President, declared. “Betr makes every game more fun by adding these stakes throughout.”

A Grand Prize Of $1M!

Betr is thrilled to begin sports betting operations in Ohio with an unforgettable event. All Ohio bettors have the chance to win up to $1 million by correctly selecting 30 consecutive qualifying bets, each with odds of 4-5 or higher and a minimum value of $5. If nobody manages to pick these 30 bets correctly by February 12th, Betr will award the bettor with the longest streak a grand prize of $50,000 provided that it is 10 wins long or more.

The fun isn’t only open to Ohio residents though – you can join in even if you’re not from Ohio and take part in the free-play game for your chance at winning $10,000 with a successful streak of 10 or more come to Super Bowl Sunday. Get ready for this amazing opportunity – happy betting!